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  Founded in Apr. 2001 in Nanjing, Our Zhixiang Technology CO.,Ltd is a reseller as well as the "Platinum Partner" authorized by the Siemens PLM Software--the worldwide market leader of the PLM(product lifecycle management)software. Meanwhile, It is also authorized as the value-added reseller-"Gold Partner" by the Autodesk Software (China) Co., LTD, specialized in selling software for plastics industry and supplying related service. On Jan 24. 2007,our Zhixiang International Limited founded in Hongkong. Both of these two companies can provide companies in various industries with integrated PLM & Moldflow software , as well as relevant service.
  During the long cooperation with Siemens PLM Software and Autodesk Software, we have successfully worked out solutions for enterprises in relevant industry such as automotive, aviations, appliance, national defense, machinery, telecommunication, and so on.These local-considered as well as international-in-lined solutions help from products'designing, analyzing, to manufacturing, which can shorten the products'life cycle, improve the products'quality, and as a result, enable the enterprises to be more competitive.
  We have a specialized team with high efficiency and rich experience. About 20 senior engineers are located in Nanjing,Suzhou, Wuhan, Dalian and so on.Some other engineers have been certificated by Siemens PLM Software application service center to be a qualified trainer.
  At present, we're keeping good relations with famous oversea companies such as IBM, HP, DELL, 3D connection, Altair, etc. We have also provided hundreds of enterprises with excellent solutions and professional support.
  Based on the tight cooperation with Siemens PLM Software and Autodesk Software, Our Zhixiang Technology CO., Ltd & Zhixiang International Limited can help you win in the fierce market competition. We're longing for your recognition; we're trying every effort to make you success!

2007年度“金牌代理商” 2008年度“金牌代理商”
2009年度“金牌代理商” 2010年度“铂金代理商”
2011年度“铂金代理商” 2012年度“铂金代理商”



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